CANCER is now treatable only through a small needle puncture.No Surgery , No Chemo , No Radiation"INTERVENTIONS IN CANCER"


From diagnosis of cancer to its treatment INTERVENTIONAL RADIOLOGY offers better options, which are minimally invasive and equally effective as surgery/ chemo/ radiation.FNAC / BIOPSY - to determine its cancer we have to take a sample from the tumor for examination.

Treatment of these cancers can be done through Interventional Radiology( liver, lung, kidney, breast , thyroid and bone )

- Killing the cancer cells by burning them up through a small puncture. liver, Kidney, breast , lung , thyroid & bone cancers can be treated by Burning them off.

Trans arterial bland embolization/ Trans arterial chemo embolization - cutting the blood supply of cancer cells along with depositing of chemo drug directly into the tumor - kills them. Rest of normal liver and entire body will not be effected by toxic effects of chemo drug.

DC bead trans arterial chemo embolization -cutting the blood supply, using special spherical particles which also deliver the drug into the tumor.

Trans arterial radio embolization- delivering radiation directly in to tumor, with out causing any harm to normal liver and rest of body.

All procedures are done only through small, single needle puncture , no cut, no suture, no scar.