Dr. Balaji Patel. Kola

Consultant Endovascular & Interventional Radiologist 

Radiology is developing and deploying a unique and novel combination of imaging, therapeutic and navigation technologies which together make up the Multimodality Interventional Radiology.

Interventional Radiology (I.R) is at the cutting edge of modern medicine and has brought significant improvements in patient care. IR procedures are more convenient for patients as they are done mostly outpatient basis with small incisions (Minimally Invasive) causing less pain, less scarring and less disfigurement and with shorter recovery time.

We request you to include Interventional Radiology in your regular protocol and refer the suitable patients. We promise we will take utmost care of your patients and deliver the positive results. We can work together for the benefit of the patient to deliver the best results possible.

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Liver Tumors

Two types of tumours

Liver is the largest organ in the human body. It receives blood from two sources – hepatic artery and the portal vein. Blood from the liver drains back via the hepatic veins.


Interventional Radiologist helps to control the growth and spread of the tumour (Palliative). This would help to increase the life span as well as quality of life of the patient.


Interventional Radiologist (IR) plays an important role in treating all the above conditions. Also, IR performs central venous catheterization.

Venous Diseases

Venous Thrombosis

Veins are large diameter, thin walled blood vessels which return blood back into the heart. The blood flow is slow and presence of valves, especially in the lower limb veins play an important role in preventing back flow when the person in erect posture.